For Individuals

Support After Suicide provides support and resources, counselling and group programs for children, young people and adults who are bereaved as a result of suicide. We are based in Melbourne, Victoria.

You will find information about services in other regions of Australia here.


Speaking with an experienced counsellor who has particular expertise and knowledge around suicide and grief can be helpful in learning how to manage the intense and complex experience of losing a loved one to suicide. It can provide a greater understanding of the experiences and those issues unique to your situation and many people find it an important source of understanding and support. We meet with children, young people and adults individually or together for counselling. Information and resources are also provided.

Please contact us to talk through the best option for you. We are a no-cost counselling service located in Melbourne, Victoria. We have the capacity to meet with people in Richmond, Lalor, Dandenong, Frankston, Ferntree Gully and the Melbourne CBD. We can also offer counselling by phone or Skype to people living interstate and in rural areas.

Group Programs

Some people benefit from getting together in a group setting with other people bereaved through suicide. This is another valuable way to gain information and support.

We conduct a number of groups each year for those recently bereaved. We also provide specific programs for children, young people, parents, partners, siblings, adult children, men and for those who are longer-term bereaved. When there is a need, we conduct a parent support program for people who find themselves bringing up children following a suicide.

Eight Week Support Group: Recently Bereaved

This group is for those who have been bereaved between three months and two years. It is a small group in an understanding and confidential environment. Participants may be parents, partners, siblings, adult children or friends of the one who has died. Participants have the opportunity to:

  • Receive information about suicide and the experience of suicide bereavement
  • Gain a greater understanding of the unique issues and experiences associated with bereavement following suicide
  • Spend time and communicate with others who have also been bereaved as a result of suicide
  • Develop resources to assist with the experience.

This group runs several times each year.

'Serious Fun' - An Activity Day for Suicide Bereaved Children (Primary School Age)

This program runs in the school holidays on a Wednesday morning. Kids can:

  • Get to know others who have also lost someone significant to suicide
  • See how other kids have been going and have been feeling about things
  • Learn some different ways to act and talk about what has happened.

Parents and carers can expect that their kids will:

  • Share their experience of bereavement with other children in a supportive environment with experienced and qualified facilitators.
  • Develop ways to communicate with others about their experience of bereavement.
  • Have an enhanced awareness and knowledge of their own grief experience and process.
  • Develop some resilience and problem-solving abilities.
  • Create some positive resources for the future.

Young People

Support After Suicide has developed a program specifically for young people. The program includes adventure camps and other activities. More information is available in News and Events.